Exterpark means...

... specie selection the species in the exterpark range have been widely tested. Our technical department is in constant research of new species and developing new installation methods and improvements to the exterpark system. Exterpark considers the wood should not be randomly installed, not all places have the same characteristics hence, not all wood species are appropiate for all environments.   

... wood stabilization all exterpark raw materials are kiln dried to achieve balance humidity level of 15-18% in individual processes which may last from one week to a month depending on current humidity contents and actual wood specie. Such balance humidity level is key to a good perfomance when interacting with changing outdoor weather conditions.  

.... a complete system of installation all boards for flooring purpose will be manufactured in constant growing lengths or multiples: every 40, 50 or 60cm and tongue and groove at short ends to provide a suitable platform for a long lasting floor.

.... raw material selection the selection of raw material is precise and meticulous, every defect is dismissed and hence the wood cut to the corresponding immediate lower length corresponding to the multiple. While other random length deck systems are cut according to the defect of the wood (maybe 5 cm) exterpark’s system, in the same scenario could reject at least 35 cm. Following our environmental concern and credentials, all the discarted pieces are then used in other processes or subproducts.

.... personal technical assessment our team is formed by a group of professionals that aim for the success of all installations. Exterpark provides all the necessary literature, but also provides technical support, training seminars, installation assistance etc.

.... to join a league of pioneers, new ideas and constant communication customers, suppliers and our own experience are the assets for a attainment of a satisfaction chain that reverts to final projects and memorable testimonials.



green planet

Exterpark advanced outdoor flooring system commenced in a local wood-focused familiy business, nowadays is present in more than 40 countries worldwide and involved directly or through our customers with globally known architects, prescribers, installers and promoters.

Our progessive success is due to the empowerment of strong Green credentials (FSC, SGS, PEFC, INFONA) these are of primordial relevance as well as the integration of our personnel into our Zero Wastage Production and Eco-Friendly energy production processes.

Exterpark is manufactured from international regulated timber and promotes the wood species that come from legal and well-managed forests. We check and audit our suppliers are complying with all the legal aspects around worker’s protection, forest preservation and illegal logging.


Exterpark is a certified Chain-of-Custody fsc member entitled to buy, manufacture and sell wood species under FSC label. FSC certification provides a reliable link between responsible production and consumption of forest products, enabling consumers and businesses to make purchasing decisions that benefit people and the environment as well as providing ongoing business value.


A government institution in Paraguay which looks after environmental control and sustainable forest management. Every single log, its production and export is tracked with identity control numbers at all stages of the supply chain to avoid illegal logging.

zero-wastage manufacturing

All short boards resulting from cuts during first production are always used to manufacture other product lines such as Exterpark Finger joint, Exterpark Casa or industrial indoor parquet.

eco-friendly energy production: even wood dust has a high value

Half of it is used to produce energy for our own consumption. Our whole factory runs on energy self produced with the outcoming dust of the production. The other half of the remaning dust is compacted into pellets which is a type of wood fuel with low carbon emission.