Exterpark will be introduced as the best outdoor flooring solution by Karl Harrison

Karl Harrison, Director at Exterior decking and professional landscaper will be sharing his passion for maximising the very best from your decking materials. Exterpark has been for years being Harrison's selection for residential and commercial projects. He describes Exterpark to be "the finest indoor wood floor... for outdoors"

Exterior Decking defines his company as "Decking Consultancy" with massive project in the thousands of square metres, design and planning is vital and having the best advice will assure any large scale investment. Exterior Decking are often commissioned to provide project planning advice for many projects, Beirut, Bahrain, France and London.

Harrison's aim is to get decking construction standards recognized by everyone. He is often asked to consult and write specifications for projects where the client has requested something that looks beautiful, will last long time, and is constructed well. His recommendation is always the same "my choice is Exterpark, an invisibly fixed hardwood timber with a choice of 10 species of wood and thicknesses up to 35mm."