Merbau washed



Botanic name:

Intsia bijuga o.Ktze

Intisa palembanica Miq.Syn -I.bakeri

Commercial names:

Merbau, Molucan Ironwood, Eisenholz.

Location and traceability:

All our Merbau comes from enviromentally friendly sustainable plantations in Indonesia which are certified and currently being under control of FSC audit. All boards can be unmistakably traced by DNA.

Wood Fitness:

Merbau is rated as Exterpark wood fitness A+.

Physical properties:

COLOR: red to brown.

Will fade to silver grey if exposed to U.V. rays.

High density wood with no risk to be attacked by termite.

GRAIN: straight or interweaved

DENSITY: 730-800-830 Kg/m3

HARDNESS: 6.4 very hard

CONTRACTION: very stable


Volumetric: (0.39)

Tangential: 4.4% (0.26)

Radial: 2.7% (0.13)

DURABILITY: very durable or durable against the action of fungi and termites.


Mechanical properties:

Static bending - bending strenght: 10-155 N/mm²

Elasticity Module: 12.700 -17.900 N/mm²

Axial compression: 58-85 N/mm²

Perpendicular compression: 6,4 - 10,0 N/mm² (ASTM)

Shear stress: 12,4 -17,4 N/mm²