Botanic name:

Azfelia bella Harms

Azfelia africana Smith.

Commercial names:

Doussie, Azfelia.

Location and traceability:

All our Doussie comes from plantations in west and centrer Africa.


Wood Fitness:

Doussie is rated as Exterpark wood fitness A+ .

Physical properties:

COLOR: red-brown.

Will fade to silver grey if exposed to U.V. rays.

High density wood with no risk to be attacked by termite.

GRAIN: straight, sometimes could be interweaved

DENSITY: 730-800-830 Kg/m³

HARDNESS: 7.4 - hard

CONTRACTION: moderately nerved


Volumetric: 7.8% (0.44)

Tangential: 4.2-4.6% (0.27-0.34)

Radial: 3.0-3.1% (0.19-0.21)

DURABILITY: very resistent against the action of fungi and termites, not attackable by lyctids.


Mechanical properties:

Static bending - bending strenght: 110-150 N/mm²

Elasticity Module: 12.200 - 17.700 N/mm²

Axial compression: 63-85 N/mm²

Perpendicular compression: -

Shear stress: 7.4-14.6 N/mm²