Indonesian Teak


Botanic name:

Tectona grandis L.f..

Commercial names:

Teak, Teca, Teck.


Teak comes from plantations in Indonesia and Asia.


Wood Fitness:

Teak is rated as Exterpark WFA.


Physical properties:

COLOR: yellow-white to light-grey.

GRAIN: very thick

DENSITY: 650-680-750Kg/m³

HARDNESS: 4.0-4.2 semi-hard

CONTRACTION: few nerved


Volumetric: 7.9% (0.34)

Tangential: 2.5-5.0% (0.24-0.29)

Radial: 1.5-2.7% (0.13-0.15)

DURABILITY: from moderately to very resistant against the action of fungi, and from sensible to moderately resistent againt the action of termites.


Mechanical properties:

Static bending - bending strenght: 85 -110 N/mm²

Elasticity Module: 10.000 - 13.700 N/mm²

Axial compression: 52-80 N/mm²

Perpendicular compression: 6 N/mm² (ASTM)

Shear stress: 8.2-9.4 N/mm²