Det allervigtigste du skal vide om os er at vi er 100% PASSIONEREDE omkring det vi laver.

Rødderne og vores vision for Exterpark har ikke ændret sig det mindste siden begyndelsen for nu 45 år siden. Vi tror fortsat på, at kvaliteten i vores omgivelser simpelthen løfter vores livskvalitet. Vi tror på, at det gør indtryk på os at se og opleve en smuk terrasse eller et lækkert trædæk, og at se det ældes og vare ved år efter år.

Hvad har vi så gjort for at leve op til vores overbevisning? Vi sætter høje standarder gennem troværdighed, kvalitet og evig innovation. 

I sidste ende vil vi allesammen gerne gøre en god handel og lave en fornuftig investering - og det er netop det vi kan tilbyde dig.


And that’s what make us THRIVE

Having better surroundings just make our lives better. Makes sense, right?

Rødderne og visionen bag Exterpark har ikke ændret sig det mindste siden vi startede for 45 år siden

Setting the right standards through reliable quality and constant innovation

All of us are happier when we walk or lay on a solid and stable deck. We are happier when we see our terrace or that park we like to go every Sunday age gracefully and last through winters and summers. All of us are happier when we make a smart investment. And that’s what we are committed to do with you.

We are dedicated to make a product that will last and perform even exposed to the most extreme outdoor conditions. We are committed to make a product that is beautiful and yet functional. We have developed a smart system which is now patented in the whole world which will allow you to build up your deck with your own hands and not use one single screw. Exterpark & the magnet system have been the preferred choice of master architects such as Jean Nouvel, Sir Norman Foster and Frank Ghery due to it’s unique features, quality and technical advantages. The professional world had never matched so well with the consumer zone. You can now enjoy what the masters have already chosen for their grand projects.

We have contributed to build up remarkable landmarks such as the new Louvre museum in Abu Dhabi, Hong Kong’s sky park at the newest high speed train station, urban hotels and exotic resorts, cosmopolitan rooftops, public parks, squares, promenades, airports, bridges, restaurants, malls, and many, many apartments, balconies and homes which have become a declaration of individuality.  

Well renowned hotels have trusted our products. Marriot, Radisson, Sheraton, Waldorf Astoria, Wyndham, Intercontinental and now it’s all available for you.

We just ask you to make the right choice for yourself. Please believe in the best practices and believe in our experience. We have seen too many bad practices in all these years. A wrong decision and bad or unexperienced advice always end up in bad consequences. Cheap is expensive in most cases, but in our field is always deadly.  

Choosing the right substructure is choosing the right foundation. You would not build your own home in a mud foundation right? Then please do not choose soft wood or plastic joists. Aluminum is the best choice and you would love working with it. Straight like an arrow and stable as a rock. 

Who prefers open gaps vs invisible gaps?? Who prefers to see the understructure? Who prefers to get heels stuck in between boards? Who prefers to lose valuables through gaps? Our patented invisible profile is an absolute winner and it just looks so much better. A subtle difference which makes a big difference.

Who likes screws, screw drivers and the whole noise it comes with it? We are in 2020, and the way to go is No Screws. A smart fixing method which has been acknowledged by the industry as the best system available. Our mechanical locking is strong but yet flexible. It will always allow us to go back.
Maintenance friendly and very gentle for the user. 

On top of that, who dares to damage their deck with screws on the surface? The surface must remain untouched and smooth. Please no screws on the surface.
Do not damage your floor right from the beginning.



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