Natural, Naturel, Naturlig
Natural, Naturel, Naturlig
Natural, Naturel, Naturlig
Natural, Naturel, Naturlig
Carbonized, Carbonis�, Carboniseret
Carbonized, Carbonis�, Carboniseret
Carbonized, Carbonis�, Carboniseret

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Installation System

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Exterpark bamboo is a sustainable fast growing natural deck choice. After our processing, bamboo deck boards achieve the highest possible density in a natural wood. Above 1200kgs/m3 making it a sure bet for both domestic and heavy duty use. 
100% natural, just as nature intented. Available in 2 shades: carbonized and natural. 

Wood features
  • Botanic Name: Tribe Olyreae (herbaceous bamboos), Tribe Bambuseae (tropical woody bamboos), Tribe Arundinarieae (temperate woody bamboos).
  • Commercial Name: Bamboo
  • Location: China
  • Wood Fitness: Hard and dense wood types which are stable and suitable for outdoor exposure
  • Hardness: 70.4Gpa
  • Grain: Interweaved
  • Colour: Light brown and carbonized brown
  • Density: 1200 Kg/m³
Technical specifications
  • Board Size: 20mm x 137mm x 1855mm
  • Weight (per sqm): 20,6 kg
  • Board Type: Bamboo
  • Surface Texture: real bamboo texture
  • Fixing Methods: magnet system or traditional system
  • Material Composition: 100% bamboo
  • Static Bending: 91,5 Mpa
  • Certifications: FSC, LEED points, Green Label SINGAPORE
  • Full range of compatible accessories
  • Sustainable FSC product

The Magnet System Installation

An advanced mechanical locking with a superior grip that holds boards stronger than a screw but yet flexible to open up and close again when necessary. 


  • Easy: No screws

  • Fast: No predrilling

  • Silent: No tools

Total accessibility:

  • Maintenance-friendly

  • Easy substitution of boards

  • Enlarged service live

  • Relocation possibilities 

Exterpark Bamboo Decking is an advanced outdoor flooring system that is by far the fastest decking in the world to install due to using our patented Magnet System. It is capable of transforming any indoor or outdoor surface in 100% accessible. We have created the first mechanical locking for loose boards, avoiding access panels and being able to access anytime anywhere with a single spatula. View more magnet installation system videos tutorials. 


Alternatively, Exterpark decking can be also laid by using the traditional installation system. View more traditional installation help. 

Invisible profile 

Exterpark Bamboo Decking is the most possible solid platform for a long service life and performance of the product:

  • Patented invisible profile with no visible gaps
  • 100% accessible boards
  • Easy maintenance
  • More solid
  • More stable
  • Greater wear surface
  • More resistant and durable

Arguably best decking available with 2 patented innovations:

  1. Patented invisible profile with no open gaps
  2. Screwless installation patented magnet system with 100% accessible boards
Cleaning & maintenance

Questions About Cleaning?
We’re here to assist you with videos, guides, and more. Exterpark surface is cleaned under high-water pressure. No chemical or soaps should be used, nevertheless if requested, it should always be a neutral pH soap. View more cleaning help. 

Questions About Maintenance?
Finishing any exterpark installation requires a smooth sanding and oiling for a perfect finish. With sanding, any small irregularities and dirt that has been accumulated during installation will be removed. Additionally, sanding opens the pores of the wood, allowing it to be more receptive towards the oil treatment. View more maintenance help.

Warranty & Delivery

The Best Warranty Coverage
See full warranty details.

Exterpark endeavors to dispatch all orders within 1 working day however we advise that you should allow 3-5 working days for delivery after you have ordered. After your order has been picked our service team will contact you with a suggested delivery date and the approximate time and discuss any special requirements that you may have. We will generally call you on the day of your delivery to confirm all details. For more details click here.


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