1. If the base is solid but water absorbing, it will be a must to install a plastic sheet to work as humidity barrier.
  2. When installation is on a solid + water proof or non absorbing base with its corresponding drainage slopes, we shall lay out joists at recommended 37 cm span on top of corresponding leveling items such as pedestals or/and wedges at 45-55cm span and proceed with exterpark magnet installation instructions. Same if we find a metal or wood existing sub structure.
  3. When base is ground, it must be properly compacted and we will have to lay and level 10/15cm of gravel stones with corresponding slope to lead water to drainage point. Using a Plastic sheet as explained on point 2 will help in this purpose. This system must not be installed directly on ground.
  4. We need a mínimum space of 10/15cm between base and wpc or wood deck in order to have proper air circulation, avoid humidity condensation and aiming at having the most humidity balance between lower and upper face of deck boards.
  5. Lay out of deck boards and joists must be staggered/ half lap/ joints overlapping 50%.
  6. Current temperature conditions at time of installation must be taken into account for the recommended 4mm expansion gap. Example: if we are doing installation during summer time at peak heat time we shall leave none to 1mm expansion gap only. Viceversa for opposite cases.
  7. Joist span Will be determined according to traffic criteria of deck area usage. We recommend 36,60cm span for most cases of moderate to intense traffic use. If very heavy duty traffic and heavy load items are foreseen we can advice a span of 31,42cm.
  8. All above points are considering pedestrian traffic only.
  9. Minimum recommended height 10/15 cm and 2% drainage slope.
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