Exterpark Tech REAL
Exterpark Tech REAL
Exterpark Tech REAL
Exterpark Tech REAL

                  Cargar imagen en el visor de la galería, Exterpark Tech REAL

                  Cargar imagen en el visor de la galería, Exterpark Tech REAL

                  Cargar imagen en el visor de la galería, Exterpark Tech REAL

                  Cargar imagen en el visor de la galería, Exterpark Tech REAL

Exterpark Tech REAL

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Exterpark Tech REAL, the most real wood-like decking experience in the market.
  • XXL board 175 mm wide x 3600 mm long
  • 18 different patterns mould from real wood planks
  • 2 patents in one board: Invisible drainage gaps and flexible fixing with no screws
  • A soft PU surface cap for a real natural bare-foot experience
  • Best anti-slip performance
  • 360 glass fibre sheet
  • 3 colours: Perla, Duna and Mokka
    Technical specifications
    • Board Size: 23mm x 175mm x 3600mm
    • Surface Texture: wood-like
    • Colour UV resistant
    • Fixing Method: Magnet S system
    • Certifications: FSC certified, scores LEED points, SINGAPORE Green label
    • Full range of compatible accessories
    • Patents: invisible gaps profile and magnet s system.


    An advanced mechanical locking with a superior grip that holds boards stronger than a screw but yet flexible to open up and close again when necessary, in just a few seconds.

    Exterpark is an advanced outdoor flooring system that is by far the fastest decking in the world to install due to our patented Magnet S System that transforms any outdoor surface into 100% accessible. We have created the best mechanical locking for loose boards, avoiding access panels and being able to access anytime, anywhere.

    Our 5 Game changers:

    1. Invisible profile. Our patented invisible profile is an absolute winner. No food or leaves can fall down, no gaps or under structure to be seen, no loss of valuables, no stuck heels and, it looks much better!
    2. No screws, predrilling, tools, splitters, or noise.
    3. 100% accessible. Full access to decks walls and ceilings in seconds. Easy substitution of boards. Maintenance friendly. Enlarged service live. Relocation possibilities.
    4. 3x faster to install and remove. Cost-efficient and time-efficient.
    5. Aluminium joist. Choosing the right substructure is choosing the right foundation and aluminium is straight like an arrow and stable as a rock.
    Cleaning & maintenance

    Questions About Cleaning?
    We’re here to assist you with videos, guides, and more. Exterpark surface is cleaned under high water pressure. No chemical or soaps should be used, nevertheless if requested, it should always be a neutral pH soap. View more cleaning help. 

    Questions About Maintenance?
    Finishing any exterpark installation requires smooth sanding and oiling for a perfect finish. With sanding, any small irregularities and dirt that has been accumulated during installation will be removed. Additionally, sanding opens the wood's pores, making it more receptive to the oil treatment. View more maintenance help.

    Warranty & Delivery

    The Best Warranty Coverage
    See full warranty details.





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